Manuka nectar, as discovered in 1831 by the first English Honeybees (Apis mellifer mellifera) to fly in New Zealand, introduced by one of the first English settlers.

Here is information on growing Manuka trees in the British Isles. Leptospermum species are beneficial to short-tongued bees, particularly honey bees, providing copious amounts of nectar when their numbers are high in early summer.<br>

To buy Manuka trees and information available here Manuka, Wild Alpine – Leptospermum scoparium

There is stock available and of many other excellent plants and trees for bees. Our promise is that no wildlife or insects have been harmed in the making of all our plants and seeds which are certified to Soil Association organic standards.<br>

Read about how our native Honeybees first found Manuka trees in New Zealand in 1831, and began their craft of making Manuka honey, in one of our gardening articles here Gardening article – February Going Wild